Attention SC/NC lancer owners

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    My friend charlie is finally moving down here from maryland to myrtle beach sc. Charlie is a skilled and knowledgable tuner. He tunes evos, dsm. I have seen him in action many times.
    What this means for us?

    He can tune your car for a price. Ha!!

    Charlie is going to tune my lancer first on a dyno, he is in partners with software companies who develop these ecu softwares. Those companies also crack ecus, just like works does.

    Works p1 ecu flash for 449.00 is great, we have seen great gains with it. but charlie can hopefully tune over the gains works got.

    He is going to be here in mid november.

    Not saying anything else cuz he might kill me :drunken:
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    lol, good to know there will be some one more local to the east coast :D
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