ARC Induction in R/A?

Discussion in 'Ralliart - Performance' started by lancer2quick, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. lancer2quick

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    Ok, I have always loved how the ARC induction box looks in the Evo engine bay. I have been tossing the idea of throwing one into my R/A, and wanted to get your input before I attempt this. I know I will have to do a few things to make sure it fits and functions properly...but what do you guys think?


    I know I would have to relocate the battery....either to the Evo location (next to fuse box) or into the trunk. Since the ARC box is for an Evo, I would need to get an Evo MAF adapter and run my piping from it to my MAF and then to TB.

    MAF adapter

    I'm open to ideas, suggestions, and always...
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  2. 1slowlance

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    Looks pretty nice. I'd say go for it, but do you think it would be worth it? If you think it would be a lot of trouble, is what I mean.
  3. lancer2quick

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    Well, I think so. I like the idea of the box better than my current CAI. As for trouble...i don't think its too much trouble. A battery relocate next to the fuse panel is simple....I already have an Evo battery tray that bolts right up to two existing holes. All I would need to do is extend the pos and neg leads.
  4. Jogenmaru

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    I dont think the issue is with relocating the battery. Its relocating the piping for the intake. As we all know the intake for the turbo comes off the manifold and not from the throttle body. You would have to route your intake from the throttle bottle to the side off the induction box. Im sure you can go to advance auto parts or o'reilly's and buy 3" tubes that go where you want it to. As far as the will give you that cold air intake as its not recieving any heat from the engine or rather a lot less hot air from the engine since it is still coming from outside the engine bay area. And if im not takes the same route as a cold air intake but it goes directly down from behind the headlights where there is a small gap where the battery and headlight is.
  5. lancer2quick

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    Yeah...I already have the piping and couplers to run it to the tb. I guess it actually paid off to keep a stockpile of various intakes in my building.

    For gains...I think it would be about the same. It pulls air from behind the driver headlight, which gets a suprising amount of cool air. Although, I'm not terribly worried about gains to be honest....I'm just tired of trying to avoid water...