Another blacked out grille WITH STEE BY STEP PICS

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Knowledge Base' started by went2import, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. went2import

    went2import Active Member

    so i'm officially another supporter of the infamous plasti dip, reppin all the rally red owners here. here are the pics of how it went down, and the finished product.

    filled in and flushed up the old license plate holes

    all taped off and ready to be painted

    in between coats

    waiting a bit to let it dry

    finished product

    the day after, daytime =]

    i dont know how to directly put pics on the posts, if anyone can show me that would be awesome.
  2. x32weezyx

    x32weezyx Well-Known Member

    photobucket....upload the pics on there and then u get an image code from there that u just post directly on here and the pic should appear
  3. xSoni

    xSoni Well-Known Member

    When uploading with imageshack you can just copy the Forum Link #1 Into here and the pic will show up, instead of copying the direct link.

    Nice job with the blackout btw ;p
  4. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    Fixed the pictures... thanks for sharing! Going to move it to the knowledgebase now... I am sure other users will find it useful!
  5. link627

    link627 Member

    hey went2import,
    what do you use to fill in the holes?
  6. went2import

    went2import Active Member

    i found this stuff that i found at value. it worked pretty well. didnt take very long to dry either. i just stuck it in the hole, waited for it to dry, then sanded it down with like 600 grit sandpaper till it was flush with the plastic. didnt wanna put plugs in it cause i wasnt a big fan of how it looked. i think this was is alot cleaner looking. this is the stuff... ... 445169.dib
  7. link627

    link627 Member

    im not a big fan too of those plugs. Thank you so much.
  8. went2import

    went2import Active Member

    not a problem dude.
  9. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Quick kinda off topic question, where did you get your headlights and what kelvin are they?
  10. went2import

    went2import Active Member

    the headlights are 8000k and the fogs are 3500k.

    i bought the hid kits on ebay. they were like 50 bucks a piece, the price was cheap but they havent failed me yet, the ballasts are waterproof and everything too, which you should watch for too if buying them off ebay cause not all of them are.
  11. 2k8 ES

    2k8 ES Well-Known Member

    Damn that's pretty good. I like how it looks with the LED city lights.
  12. went2import

    went2import Active Member

    thanks mang, i love those little things. lol
  13. vszutu

    vszutu Well-Known Member

    hey i took a look at my lancer today
    for the top when you pop the hood open
    does those "screws" i just pop it out with a flat head and they go back in as well just push it back in?
  14. went2import

    went2import Active Member

    your really suppose to just screw them out but i find that they just end up spinning and not come out so yeah i just yank them out and put them back in when i'm done. lol.
  15. vszutu

    vszutu Well-Known Member

    hahaha thts what i was thinking but wasnt tooo sure didnt want to break it or anything
    was very confused how im suppose to screw them out haha