Angel Eyes Finally Installed...!!! *PICTURES*

Discussion in '' started by eKtor, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Probably nothing but some gears of war 2 hahahahahahahahahaha :mrgreen:
  2. PogiAko

    PogiAko Well-Known Member

    my car came out with hid lights. i was thinking of putting angels eyes on my day running lightw and hid lights. which size is for 09 touring package? any body knows?
  3. TheDude

    TheDude Well-Known Member

    I did not know that the Touring package came with hids..... I dont think these will fit the projectors on your car, but rather only fit the outer housing of the regular headlights. There was a guy on here from canada who made and installed AE on his lancer with Projector HIDs. Dont know what hte size is for the lights, youll have to ask this guy or do a custom job. Or just wait till eric gets his ass of GoW2! Get back on AIM BIZNATCH!
  4. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    hopefully ektor will be available to do this soon
  5. minks702

    minks702 Active Member

    Very nice! I really like that.
  6. PogiAko

    PogiAko Well-Known Member

    any pictures around with hid lights? im having a hard time to find the right size for my lights. car info: 09 touring package.
  7. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    Anyone near the Orlando Florida area that would like to get a set of these AE for a good deal ? If so email me at so we can figure a date to meet and install the prototype.
  8. eKtor

    eKtor Well-Known Member

    Eric.. calm down man.. i apologize for the last time.. i worked till 4am and my phone is shot down... you got a PM with my new number..... jesus.......
  9. blackOZ

    blackOZ Well-Known Member

    i heard that the halo's r kinda hard to install
    is it really that hard?
  10. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    not at all
  11. Greedy_son

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