AMG SALE Multi (7) Color Wheel Well Kits 135.00

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    whats going on everyone i have a few wheel well kits left in stock 5 to be exact and i wanna get rid of the ASAP they retial for 199.99 im selling them for 135.00 here are the details and photos:


    7 colors , 10 patterns, music interface built in!!!!
    Constant or animated glow can be added in seven colors with the Multi-Color L.E.D. Wheel Well Kit. Four flexible 27" tubes will accommodate virtually any wheel well from the smallest compact to the biggest SUV on the road. The simple one-wire connection makes for an easy installation so even a first time installer can enhance a wheel well with minimal time and effort.

    The kit includes a dash mount unit offering fingertip control from inside the vehicle. Choose an option from ten adjustable-speed patterns and seven color selection (blue, red, green, white, yellow, turquoise or coral)

    Connect in-line with the StreetGlow Multi-Color L.E.D. Undercar Kit (SGL100MC) to achieve total vehicle illumination from one controller and wireless remote control.

    Back by a two-year limited warranty.