4B12 Swap...?

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Performance' started by evilstig4b1, May 7, 2012.

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    Just finished up doing an oil change on the Outlander, here at work. It's got the 2.4L (4b12) right; so it got me thinking. I have the 2009 ES, how about doing a full motor swap on my car. What else do I need for the swap?
    - *please let me know what else I NEED before I go about the research of finding a 4b12 motor. Thanks 9gL!
    -* what else do I NEED to do? Tune? Parts? Harness?
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    When swapping in an all wheel drive motor you will also need to swap in the transmission. Highly recommended. You will also need a laptop(for programming on the go) ecu flash and a tactrix 2.0 Khas to be a 2.0. Anything 1.3 only works on older evo/lancer. Not current gen).

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    How about just getting the GTS motor then? That's the 2.4 4b12, right? Over at 9gL, one of the guys done the swap. He said the same thing with the ROM. Where can I get the update ECU ROM?

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