$400 to spend on my Black 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer SE AWD

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    Hello LancerTunes, Deployment here. Now that graduation is over, I am left with a nice chunk of money for college, and to invest into my Lancer. I currently own a Black 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer SE with AWD Control.

    I have already touched on a few of the visual aspects and in the past few days I have purchased:
    * Chrome Exhaust Tip
    * Chrome Handles
    * Alloy Fuel Door
    * Light Up Rear PowerDecal
    * Under-Dashboard LED's (Flash to the bass of my subwoofers)

    For the interior..
    * Just last week I installed a K&N Cool Air Intake
    * I went ahead and purchased a GF Chip as well (Who knows if it will do anything)

    And now I'm pretty much stuck on what to buy next. I am looking to hear any advice! And I'll be sure to keep you updated on my buying/installation process. I will do my best to get some pictures on here soon!

    I'm a little under budget for a new exhaust system, and am not looking to install something like that myself. I've been thinking about purchasing the PlasmaGlow underglow, but thought I would post here for some ideas as well ;)

    So hit me up with your ideas! I'll consider all of them, as long as they fit my $400 budget

    Thanks for your time,
    - Deployment