2nd Place, Awwwww yeah!

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  1. SergioT72

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    Wasn't planning on entering, but I just could not resist possibly winning $100. I thought I had it in the bag because my only competition was a stock Lexus and and a stock Jetta...or so I thought. I didn't see the Mustang that was in the same class. I still placed though.
    385711_388967351144888_104716929569933_1061803_1916041291_n.jpg 578156_388994384475518_104716929569933_1061927_2130192360_n.jpg
    2nd place [2000 to Present Modified Car]
    Tom Fleak Memorial Car Show 2012
    Whitaker Park - Pryor, OK
    May 19, 2012
  2. lancer2quick

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    Good deal man. Was that your first show? I have come home with a lot of 2nd place trophies over the years. Actually, my first ever show was the Nopi National show in September 2004....2nd place. I was super shocked when I snagged that one. I was the only 04+ lancer there, so I was up against quite a few 02-03 base Lancers as well as Evos.
  3. SergioT72

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    This was my second show. I entered the Cancer Sucks!/ Hooters Car & Bike Show and lost to a 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser. We were the only two imports in a show of classic cars and hot rods. This is my daily driver and I really don't plan on showing it once I get my truck back. I have 1994 Mitsu Mighty Max getting 'bags and c-notch installed. It's going to lay frame!
  4. Helix

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    Congrats, man! Lookin' hella fly (or w/e).