2014 Lancer ES_ Body Kit Questions

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    Hello! This is my first post here.. I'm in the process of closing on a lancer.
    I don't have any desire for an EVO, I'm a touring musician so I only work jobs from time to time between tours. Not trying to have pressure from car payments. Performance is NOT my top priority with this car. I'm not trying to race. With all the being said..

    I want to buy/paint/install a body kit to this Lancer ES to make it look more like an Evo.
    My question is, can anyone shoot me some information about the road clearance of these cars with body kits? I see too many people spending thousands of dollars on body kits, only to have them smashed on crubs, pot holes, and pretty much anything thats not perfect road. My friends Tiburon is all cracked up on his kit. I know of some people actually raising their cars when adding body kits. Does anyone have any insite on this for the Lancer? I've been having trouble finding research on this. I have heard lancers are a bit higher off the ground. Should I even be worried about this?

    Thank you for your help.