2013 Lancer ES to Ralliart Conversion?

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Performance' started by Thattannerfellow, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Thattannerfellow

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    Hey guys new to the site and fairly new to Mitzus so I might come off a little ignorant here. I know it's not really damn hard and silly to convert an ES to an Evo mainly because they're technically different models. But is it at all possible to convert a 2013 ES or even GT to a Ralliart? Again forgive my ignorance and thanks for checking out my thread
  2. Homie

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    With alot of money you can do anything. But honestly this is a dumb question. If you want a ralliart, get a ralliart. Trust me, you aren't going to make the base lancer even the gts into anything.