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  1. Stillen00

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    So I just got a 2012 Lancer Es and am new to LT. I'm just trying to figure out what the best mods are instead of wasting my time with searching and searching. I'm getting my headlights and Taillights tinted tomorrow and I have already plasti dipped my grill. What would you guys recommend I do to make the car aesthetic since I'm not really worried about performance seeing as this is my daily driver. So far it's all stock and looks like this:

    I've also just got an Evo side license plate mount which I will be putting in tomorrow. Also If you guys know any good websites for parts let me know

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  2. saskatoonlancergts

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    Lower it and buy wheels, intake, short shifter
  3. Stillen00

    Stillen00 New Member

    What's a good place to get a full lowering kit that is quality and best priced?
  4. saskatoonlancergts

    saskatoonlancergts Active Member

  5. Stillen00

    Stillen00 New Member

    Thanks for the help!!!

    So this weekend I got my headlights and tail lights tinted and they came out pretty good:
    Tinted Lightes front.jpg Tinted Lights Back.jpg

    Also thinking about getting lowering springs. . . .which are better? lowering springs or coil over setup??
  6. 1slowlance

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    You can always plastidip those gts wheels. Those look hot black to me and a nice drop would look sick. Coilovers would be your best choice. Nice little lip kit too.
  7. lancer2quick

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    The RRM stuff is pretty good, but not worth the wait time or price IMO. I have heard of issues with the pulley leaking over time through the keyway...I have no idea if they have remedied that, but that is what I have heard. I haven't touched the performance of my '11...I just don't see any point in it since its my DD and all that. As for looks...front bumper(vinyl or dip..I put vinyl on mine), moderate lowering, and wheels. Wheels will make the biggest impact of them all.
  8. twiggz

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    OK thanks for the info I ordered the pulley a week in a half ago they do take awhile I called they usually have to order it revive it an then ship it I'll post a diy and my review. And keep updates on how the product works.