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    Hence my original post on this...my original write up describes it better than the video itself, IMHO.

    Back to forced induction:

    Again, this system was chosen in preparation for the turbo kit that will be in front of this catback, installed soon by turbokits.com (http://forums.evolutionm.net/04-06-...-06-lancer-ralliart-kit-ready-production.html) A (2.5)" free-flow exhaust was recommended and I feel I've accomplished that with this bolt-on-and-go system. I'm excited to hear the change in tone, if any, with the extra 80+ hp in front of it.
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  2. illusiondweller62

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    Here is the dyno run on the prototype for this kit:


    Note: stock internals and reflashed ECU, no piggy-back or fifth injector!
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    I'm almost positive it sounds different. Trying to copy a car's exact sound through a camera's microphone usually doesn't work out.
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    That was my bro-in-law driving and for some reason felt the need to drive by in first gear till the governor kicked in...no wonder it "sounds like a Honda"! The low tones aren't even discernable, c'est la vie!

    I'll try again and see if I can capture a better sample.
  5. illusiondweller62

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    FYI: I'm the original owner of my '04 Sportback and within the past four months came across the evom site wherewhich a forced induction thread was talking about a new kit that was about to be released. Being a complete newb to this I was, not only excited, but was about to drop 4k on RRM's kit when the guys from evom highly recommended that I wait for what Turbokits was about to reveal. In a nutshell a, more reliable, safer, revised product than what was previously available. I heeded their advice and while waiting, it was brought to my attention that a mock-up was needed for the AT version of the kit. Well, to make a long story longer, I volunteered my vehicle to head up to CT, where Turbokits is located, but this has yet to happen. The kit is available for purchase by both the 04-06 Lancer MT and AT community but Turbokits is asking for five (5) committed buyers to come forward in a group buy before the first production cycle will begin...AND...before they can send me up to CT for the AT mock-up, which will involve using one of the kits, reconfiguring two pipes, installing on my vehicle, testing, tuning, dyno, and voila, the Lancer AT kit is ready to be shipped. Turbokits has also invited ONE Eclipse owner to come forward, get in on the group buy, and volunteer their vehicle for a mock-up a well.

    So, there you have it, it's a "hurry up and wait" situation. So far, only two buyers are on the list. I took it upon myself to pass on the exciting news.
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    I think I've read that thread before. I believe if you piece up your own turbo kit using stick evo 8/9 parts it will be alot cheaper however everything will have to be custom fabricated. Just another option
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    There's a member on EVOM (Cranswick) who build his own kit and had it tuned by hackish in ottawa for well under 2 grand...and he's at 8 PSI now and making decent power. I think id rather go custom build kit than the turbokits.com $4000 kit.....
  8. illusiondweller62

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    Yes, I've been following Cranswick over on evom, unfortunately I don't have the resources or know-how that he does. I'm just a consumer that is willing to purchase a good product and keep a business making money.
  9. illusiondweller62

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    You'd have to admit that this is one pretty looking kit!





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    Oh I do agree...It looks amazing. But I'd rather spend less than half the money on making a kit, and use that 2000+ dollars elsewhere... But that's me
  11. illusiondweller62

    illusiondweller62 Well-Known Member

    ...and in my case, Hackish's tune and the install is included in the price.
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    04 lancer ralliart. I would love to be turbo. But I would also like to do a lot of other mods first.
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    Man, it's been a long while since I visited this site last! What was it, June 2012? Two months later I took the turbo build upon myself...on Aug 25th, 2013 I officially got BOOST!

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