Y 2 RaY's 2010 RALLIART Sportback

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    I just got a brand new lancer sportback in white too! Mines the 2.0 but I still love it. You've given me some great ideas for my car. Did you tint your taillights? And how dark did you go?
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    2010 RALLIART Sportback (New Wheels)

    SOOOOO, after a long vacation from the sight and doing a bit of saving over the Winter months, I finally went out and bought wheels and tires for the RALLIART! My stock tires ended up wearing really weird and I had to buy new tires anyways, so it seemed only natural to get the wheels too!

    The wheels, I decided to finally go with, after many sleepless night of research and comparisons were these:


    18X8 Helo HE845's. I KNEW I wanted something black with a chrome lip, but I couldn't really decide what I wanted until I saw these. The only problem I had was that they are 18X8 and the stock wheels are 18X7. Almost a dilemma, but the tires I went with actually fit UP TO an 8 inch wide wheels, so I really lucked out! The tires I bought were Pirelli P-Zero Nero all season tires, and they were worth every penny! Believe it or not, the wheels were only $143 per wheel and the tires were $160 per wheel! I paid more for rubber than for aftermarket wheels....WH-WH-WH-WHAAAAAA!!!!!!! Well, anyways, here's the pics...ENJOY!​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    For some reason those seem pretty small. Like you shoulda gone 19". But get some lowering springs or coils. Looking good!

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    It's only becaise of the chrome lip, it's a little thicker than most and the tires are 215/45 (stock size). I'll be getting different tires and putting the Pirellis on the stock wheels for winter, and the new tires will be 225/40 so there won't be as much "tire" there haha. But thanks!
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    nice bro, i am currently looking into some rims and found a set i really like. so now its time to save up for them. those hatchbacks are lookin pretty nice. at first i didnt like the sight of them, but they are getting kinda eye catchy. lol
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    I almost forgot...I finished the roll call on my rear hatch over the winter months too. Found a random website online that did them for two bucks each and they're fantastic. If anyone wants to know the site, let me know, I'm sure I could find it again! Anyways, here's the pic!


    K&N (air filter), TURBOXS (random flanges), XENON (HID Headlights), TURBOSMART (BOV), PROSPORT (Boost Gauge), INJEN (Upper Intercooler Piping), HOSTILE CUSTOMS (Local custom shop)

    The website has a TON of decals for just about anything!​
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    Like the tail lights a lot.
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    Thanks! I get A LOT of compliments on them from the people who own sportbacks. It's such a simple thing, yet it adds SOOOOO much to the car!
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    Hey guys, I just found this video on my YouTube account, that I never uploaded into my progress report! It's showing the ProSport boost gauge working and also a short drive off/drive by of the car with the Ultimate Racing Mufflers on it.

    You can definitely tell it's from last Summer because I don't have the new license plate on it and the stock wheels are on, but it's still good!


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    Sounds nice dude. Love the sportback!!
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    Uggghhh, drool. Nice man. Awesome.

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    nice man love the way that sounds
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    That what i said, hehe its changes alot!