New rims.... Which one!

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Customization' started by drm3613, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. drm3613

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    So first of all sorry in advance if this thread comes out wrong, I'm postin it in my mobile. Ok so I have 3 options in mind and they are both on eBay. Keep in mind I am in a tight budget which inlies the reason for these options. Please feel free to state your opinion, in fact I think they might fit my car so please let me know of any information that might be useful to me being a new lancer owner.

    Ok so my first choice I'm really looking at the most are the VSR Sonic I believe SonicBMF2.jpg
    Bolt Pattern:5x114.3

    2nd Choice are the VSR Victory victory3.jpg
    Size: 18x8
    Bolt Pattern:5x114.3

    3rd Choice: If none of those worked I was just thinking of getting the stock GTS rims from the 2012+, which it would be nice to find at a good price!!!

    So if there is anyone that is selling these please feel free to send me a pm! So yea those are my choices. Again I am in a tight budget..... Oh but if you have any other options for me please don't hesitate to let me know! I've also been looking at the Enkei, Konig, MSR brands as well. I'm mainly looking for all black or machined face and black lip. Please again leave me some helpful information! Thank you!
  2. BlackWidowGTS

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    3rd option. Those other ones look ghetto on our cars.
  3. drm3613

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    ok good stuff, dimension wise though... Will they fit? Assuming of course with tires
  4. BlackWidowGTS

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    The stock ones? Absolutely.
  5. drm3613

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    Craigslist has these as well they are Enkei SC24 Size:18x8 Bolt Pattern: 5x114 Offset: +45mm
  6. lancer2quick

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    First opinion:

    As per my personal experience, I wouldn't go larger than a 17. If you run an 18" wheel, you would have to run a 35 series tire just to be able to clear (if offset allows). I had some Riax Fontanas on mine, and I had to run a 35 series tire...and the ride was terrible. Put the stiff sidewall on a car with factory firm suspension and its rough....if you have lowering springs, its worse.

    Now for the other stuff:

    I'm not the one to answer about the offset allowances for the new Lancers....Not my forte'. I knwo what its like trying to get wheels when cash is tight...I would suggest hitting up tirerack, wheelsnext, or victoriatire to see what type of offsets will work on your car and see if they have any deals on wheel/tire packages. Thats what I did.
  7. drm3613

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    Ok thanks for the websites! I will surely check them out. And as far as the size I never thought having trouble with the stiffness or the car, you sure are right. Can you give me a good dimension as far as wheels and tires go? Honestly I didn't want to go as low as 17" but I also don't want to lose the way my ride feels right now. Btw I have the stock 16 on my 2012
  8. BlackWidowGTS

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    You can absolutely use an 18" rim, I'm pretty sure everyone that gets rims for our cars are 18"s, mine are 18 and ride fine.
  9. 1slowlance

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    Stock is sexy.
  10. drm3613

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    strongly agreed i truly want stock if anything but i just have no luck finding them!!! Anybody know where I can find them at a good price?
  11. justin_lancer

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    i got 17x9 with a +42 offset, beastly. get something wide, you'll love seeing those tires stick out from your fenders