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Discussion in 'Private For Sale' started by LancerRA09, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. LancerRA09

    LancerRA09 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, havent been on here in awhile. Dont have the Ralliart anymore, got a 2010 Cobalt LS and 1995 Nissan 240sx SE Coupe. But trying to get rid of all the left over Mitsu parts in my attic. Still got a set of Evo X AS side skirts, Nose piece, fog lights, and lower grille. Just looking for some cash, would love to sell all together. Pm me if interested.

  2. LancerRA09

    LancerRA09 Well-Known Member

    Well got the Side skirts, grille, and fog lights left. Need these parts gone! Shoot me an offer.
  3. shieldwolf342

    shieldwolf342 Well-Known Member

    could you take measurements on the fog lights i have an idea in my head but im not sure depends on the measurements. thanks in advance.
  4. porkrind

    porkrind Member

    Could that nose piece fit a 2010 GTS?
  5. Sente

    Sente Member

    if you still have it, ill take them all off your hands.. give me a good deal and i would walk away with them
  6. mike389

    mike389 Member

    Hey What color are the side skirts and if they were on a ralliart I would like to take it off your hands pm me a price and we can work things out, also where are you located?