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  1. phere_this

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    hey all just thought i would say whats up on a new forum since i just got a new mitsu. just got a 09 gts on rotor glow, a few days ago so no pics yet but i did put wheels on it already and bout a evo x high wing for it and tinting it tomorrow so hope to have some pics up soon. and my real car is my electric blue evo 8 and do have pics of that :wink: ill post them all soon. so talk to some of you more.

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    UH OH! LOL! Mister Money Maker! :p :lol: :twisted: Congrats on the Cars dude and welcome to the forums!
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    Where did you get your evo wing?

    Welcome to the forums
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  5. phere_this

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    if anyone has kept up on the evo x build the have a crazy body kits and all kinds of goodies, well they also put a new cf wing on it as well sooooo i call up my boy jon that works there and talk them right out of it!! lol

    JDM FLOW Well-Known Member

    Welcome and I'm sure everyone here well like you're photos including ME.

    LT.com Staff
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    welcome,have fun bro..... :twisted:
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    Welcome!!! PICS!!!
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    welcome daddy big bucks
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    so i have been tryinr to post pics but having no luck!!! cant get them small enough. [/url]
  12. jc

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    go to this website and u will be able to post pics


    once u upload the pic

    it will give u the html code to post in forums.. 8)
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    ok finally pics!!! lol




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    nice bro...looks nice...welcome....
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