What mods to make on a $500 budget? (1995 Mitsubishi Model L200 K14 4D56 non-turbo)

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    Hello everyone,,

    Executive Summary: Other than going to a higher-flow intake and exhaust, what are other changes that will moderately improve the performance on a 1995 Mitsubishi Model L200 K14 4D56 engine on a budget of $500.00?

    I don't expect to gain a lot - maybe 10/15 h.p. That'd be fine with me. Every little bit helps.


    From wiki: Power - 55 kW (74 hp) at 4,200 rpm

    Torque - 142 N·m (105 lb·ft) at 2,500 rpm

    Engine type - Inline 4-cyl overhead cam

    Fuel system - Distribution type jet pump

    Compression ratio - 21:1

    I can find my way around a small block Chevy or Ford, but I'm new to diesel engines. I've researched the operation of a diesel engine so I somewhat understand how they work (highly compressed fuel/air mixture). I also understand the more fuel and air that can get into the cylinder (to a point) - the better.

    I like the little truck but as the numbers indicate, it's a super slug - even for a light as it is. I mainly use it for hauling my dirt bike around and it does that perfectly fine. Very reliable and comfortable enough. The body is nearly perfect. Fairly clean engine bay and undercarriage. No oil leaks. A/C. New tires and suspension. Interior is great. Nice stereo.

    When I bought it (recently), I thought I could do a little tweaking and get a few more horses out of her and I plan to do just that soon.

    Understanding that moving more air thorough the engine is the key, I plan to go to a K&N filter and look into opening the exhaust to 2-1/2 or 3". The air filter mod doesn't look too major but the larger exhaust will be a little tougher to undertake.

    What are other mods I could do under $500? Also, I'm not shy to go to a junkyard salvage yard for parts.

    Will a different pump or injectors add anything? Anything else?

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