Remote key probelm

Discussion in 'South and Southeast Owners Forum' started by masoud, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. masoud

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    hey guys. I own a 2013 lancer ES. My remote key fob stopped working because the battery ran out. I replaced the battery and it doesn`t lock and unlock the doors anymore. The fob because its lights come on and a locksmith checked that and it`s definitely working. I checked the WEB and youtube for reprogramming but all the tutorials were for 05-12 models. I also did the manual instructions but nothing happened. The dealership told me they charge me 220 dollars for that. I only have one fob, it is the only i got from the previous owner. Would you plz help me? thanks
  2. Matthew Clark

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    You can check with a locksmith. I found a video on youtube for a reprogramming for my 2008 model.