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Discussion in 'Tune Discussion' started by Gary, May 6, 2017.

  1. Gary

    Gary New Member

    hello everyone .
    I am trying to help my step son out with his car . i am very familiar with diesel tuning and deletes ive had a few compound turbo monsters .
    Just recently his Cat on his car packed it in so being a gear head my thoughts are to delete it and use a programer .
    The car is a 2008 lancer 5 spd manual . I did some looking arround on the internet and on here first but not really finding what i need .
    I am hoping that one of you fine people can shed some light on this for me and point me in the right direction .
    Thanks in advanc
  2. Gary

    Gary New Member

    Nobody on here knows of a tuning device that will eneable getting rid of the the CAT ?