Oppiniins please on value of parts

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    Hello everyone, I just recently acquired some parts that to my understanding are for a lancer 2.0 4g94.

    I would like to have some oppinions on the value of these parts so I could sell them. I'm not trying to get rich of these parts just looking for fair market value.

    I have the following parts:

    New RPW camshaft, stage 2 turbo hydraulic

    New adjustable cam gear, not sure about the brand

    Also have a complete head and intake

    Throttle body appears to be bored out with "RC" engraved on the butterfly

    I have a crankshaft that appears to be in Good shape

    Thanks guys, I also have a couple boxes of misc parts like valve cover and misc bracketry

    Thanks again and please comment away

    Pics up very shortly

    Oh and if this post is in the wrong section for this please let me know so I can move it






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  2. TPR

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    Where is my post?
  3. SilentCool

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    Wish I can help but I'm not sure. Have you tried evolutionm.net?
  4. TPR

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    Thanks, the cam and throttle body are gone, ebayed them, got what I could.

    Still have a bunch of misc parts incase anyone is interested
  5. SilentCool

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    Cool man, glad you got some stuff sold