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Discussion in 'New Member Check In!' started by WRXH8R, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. WRXH8R

    WRXH8R New Member

    Hi I'm a new member and I'm Interested to know if there's any Mitsubishi wreckers in Australia
    that anyone knows of plus any tips for saving fuel and increasing performance on the 4g15 engine
    any help what so ever would be nice.
  2. lancer2quick

    lancer2quick Well-Known Member

    First, welcome to LT. As for the wreckers...I really have no idea. Sorry.
    When you say you want to increase performance and save fuel, the two really don't go together. Any time you gain HP, you lose some fuel mileage...its just the price you pay for more power. I would say the only way to effectively gain both Hp and mileage would be to do a full tune-up. Change oil, plugs, wires (if you have them), new O2 sensors, clean the injectors, clean the throttle body, etc. I have no idea what shape your car is in, but if its been a while since these were will benifit by having fresh components in the works.
  3. WRXH8R

    WRXH8R New Member

    Hmm tune up sounds interesting I've had a major service done on the 1.5L carby
    so injectors? Do you know of any peformace chip I can get to latch on to the ecu
    also would you know how to install a muffler tip on a original system.
  4. Jogenmaru

    Jogenmaru Well-Known Member

    Carb? you might as well omit the "performance chip" they are overpriced. Try evoscan. I dont know if they cracked your model lancer as they just recently cracked the 02-03 lancer and your technically a dsm.
    As for the muffler tip. just get a custom muffler instead of exhaust tip. But if you want to do exhaust tip you would saw off a piece of the originaly muffler tip (not the whole thing just a decent chunk) and weld the tip on for the best sound.
  5. WRXH8R

    WRXH8R New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys really helpfull. Would anyone know of any
    good body shops in oz and I'm not talking aftermarket I'm talking evo kits