Lancer X - pics and question

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new here. Stepped in to say hello to you all and ask you folks something.

    I have got Lancer X (non-evo, just X). Love this car, its design and stuff. It's all black, and there is a spoiler on teh trunk - the only custom exterior thing it has got.

    I decided to add certain purple accents to it (I'm planning to use vinyl wrap to add thin stripes to the bottom of the doors, will do some headlighst surrounds I guess, also will do the emblems). That's just the plans, and there is one more thing.

    I saw a guy on the same Lancer who installed purple lenses into his headlights (something similar to this matte evo in the 2nd row - I was just wondering, if that's legal to do so? I know that blue and red are illegal colors for the front fascia everywhere, but noone says anything about purple lenses.

    Any ideas on that?