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Discussion in '7G Lancer and older - Performance' started by JayGTS88, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. JayGTS88

    JayGTS88 Well-Known Member

    Well is almost a year now since my car is stock but now is the time to step up my car with
    the mods, i will be adding:
    1.RRM header
    2.Injen CAI
    3.Injen SES Catb
    4.RRM v2 Pully
    5.Progress Springs
    6.RRM Test Pipe
    7.Works Flash

    hope all these mods will show some sign of improvements i wanted the rrm turbo for cvt but it wont be street legal for cali so that is out of the question.
    the only problem i have now is where can i get a tune when everything is installed? I live in socal and dont really know where should i go and tune my car with the works flash. Anyone know any shops in socal?
  2. 4B12LancerGTS

    4B12LancerGTS Well-Known Member

    Congrats on all the Mods! Major Props for saving the money! But unfortunately i live in Texas so i dont know where to tell you to go!
  3. Texas Aggie

    Texas Aggie Well-Known Member

    Dude...u live in Cali? There are tons of people on here from Cali. This is prolly ur best source for that kinda stuff.

    IMO...go with intake first. Our engines sound like

    BTW, I just saw the STI spoiler for Lancers thread...that should be your next mod...LOL!!!
  4. BlueBallLancer

    BlueBallLancer Well-Known Member

    its either header or test pipe not both
  5. SeRious08

    SeRious08 Well-Known Member

    Thats correct. You don't need both. You will show better gains with the header though....
  6. mikeike8

    mikeike8 Well-Known Member

    lol thats horrible!.. if i ever see that on our cars ill go up to him and rip it off.. thats the definition of an epic fail!
  7. JayGTS88

    JayGTS88 Well-Known Member

    hmm ok thx for thr info guys i will take the header over the test pipe. also i like my stock wing lol :D
  8. JayGTS88

    JayGTS88 Well-Known Member

    i wonder can i call worksevo and ask them to tune my car if i buy their flash with my mods installed for a fee of course :)
  9. SeRious08

    SeRious08 Well-Known Member