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    [TD]Hi Everyone. New kid from the suburbs area, I drive a White 08 DE. Current mods include 17' Enkei RZ5 wrapped with Goodyear eagle GT's. Lowered on Tein S Techs, Injen CAI, And RA taillights. Gonna get my roof blacked out with black matte vinyl pretty soon. A little bit about me, Pretty computer literate, I have my A+ cert, going to college for CIS. I work in the IT department for a company...and thats me lol. Hoping that some of you guys are from the area since I live 20 miles away from the city, so hopefully we can set up a meet!

    Pics coming soon![/TD]
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    Welcome to LT.
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    WELCOME to LT...I miss the Chi.
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    Welcome to El Tee!
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    What burbs, bro? Me too! There's a meet/ cruise on the 28th.. LA Fitness in Lakehurst and then cruise to the city. Random cars, should be A LOT of heads showing up.
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    I live in Downers Grove. April 28th?
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    Welcome to LT!!