coolant leaks by belts

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    hi all, my 2002 lancer had a slow coolant leak which i could never track down but while driving down the freeway today i noticed white smoke (coolant!) and the temperature gauge quickly started rising so i immediately pulled over and the engine died. had the car towed home and noticed the radiator was leaking so i replaced the radiator with a new one. when i refilled with new coolant i noticed it was streaming out just behind the alternator on the passenger side front of the motor near the belts. i've already searched through the forum and think it could be the water pump, is that diagnosis correct?

    also, the engine will turn but won't start now, could it be the head gasket? i did notice the engine oil cap seems to have leaked some oil out (positive pressure inside?) immediately when this mishap occurred. is the motor toast? time to junk the car or is there hope to repair? thanks for any advice.