Bought a 03 Lancer OZ Rally, questions about mods

Discussion in '7G Lancer and older - Performance' started by zbam8912, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I bought a 03 Lancer(4g94 engine) with some work already done to it, but I have some questions. I don't plan on doing it anytime soon, maybe this winter or spring, but I do want to build the engine, put a turbo in, that kinda thing. I'm not aiming for 500+ hp, I'd actually be happy with around 230-300, and I already have a Borla cat-back exhaust and AEM cold air intake that came with the car. My question is, what brands/parts would be best to use, and where would I get them? Any help is appreciated,
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    I made a thread in the forced induction section. Check that out for turbo stuff. Also if you want around that much horse power you should look into forge pistons and rods. Last time i checked the only place that had them for our lancers is thats where i got some of my parts from. The current manager is very helpful and friendly.

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    Thanks for the help!
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    Hi u can make up too 800 hp on the 4g94 so 500 not to bad to reach it ,it all has to do with the head u have built the shit out of the head but if do u can rev out to 8 to 9 now u have go forged internals that can hold boost