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    Here's the record of everything I have/ will do to my Lancer. It's an 02 OZ with 187k miles on it. Most things that I've done to it I have pictures of, but things I've done that aren't picture are: replaced cv's, replaced brake pads and rotors, replaced timing chain, replaced head gasket, and replaced valve covers.

    Here's a picture of the Lancer when it was new in 05

    Here's the first rim being painted black

    First black rim on the car, you can see the original, ugly grille on the bottom right.

    The process for blacking out all the rims

    Grille off and being painted
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    Here's the rear badges blacked

    Touching up exterior window moulding

    Touching up the drip moulding

    Center console removed, interior cleaning commenced!

    Seats out, learning my car.
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    Look how disgusting the interior looked when I got the car.

    Another shot of the disgusting interior

    Here's a shot of just some of the interior trim being cleaned

    Door panel off

    This is how everything looked when I was all done. Not entirely satisfied with the result as I was rushed to finish this project, but oh well.
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    Another shot of the cleaned interior. You can see some rust and grit that I couldn't easily get off. I wish I would've had the time to sand that off and repaint it.

    Trunk cleaned up. There was tons of sand (previous owner was from Orlando) and also what looked like a shredded newspaper. Either way, it was a mess.

    Amp & sub rewired.

    New CF shifter knob. Only downside of this is that in Florida weather, the thing gets smoldering hot and makes it hard to drive haha

    Here's the finished result (for now)
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    Very nice clean up. Had a local guy do the same to a beat up 97 Civic hatch. Tore it down, repainted errythang. Came out amazing. Yours doesn't seem to have been in terrible condition, which helped, I'm sure. Keep up the good work.
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    Haha thanks. It's true that it didn't look too bad, but the smell was unbearable and just took forever to finish.