Actual Blacked Out Headlights, not smoked, blacked out

Discussion in '8G Lancer - Customization' started by pimpinfern, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    Blacked Out Headlights
  2. Mitsu008

    Mitsu008 Well-Known Member

    nice looks clean, shoulda glossed tho
  3. RedStar

    RedStar Well-Known Member

    Thats very very sexy man, how?
  4. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    bake the headlights, taped off chrome i wanted to keep and had ektor spray it
  5. KRU

    KRU Well-Known Member

    very clean. like them a lot
  6. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    well i cant take all the credit, ektor was the painter, i just did the labor
  7. Xeri

    Xeri Well-Known Member

    Nice, do a distant shot of the car? now if we can just have projectors...

    ZEROCOOL Well-Known Member

    Looks super clean bro. Nice job.,
  9. KRU

    KRU Well-Known Member

    There r projectors for our cars, but from the dealer. Option on the new GTS. $1000------------ouch!
    But they got'm.
    At what temperature and for how long pimp?
  10. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    baked em exactly like the guy with the demon eyes said
  11. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    LOVE it, I've been waiting for someone to do something similar to this. Further away pictures would be great, I wanna photoshop it onto my WW.
  12. DirectorSe7en

    DirectorSe7en Well-Known Member

    Need distance shots!!
  13. RedStar

    RedStar Well-Known Member

    I agree, I would love to see how it looks like with the rest of the car.
  14. spiderman671

    spiderman671 Guest

    Looks good up close... But far shots would really help.

    Mind telling me the process? I'm very interested in doing it to my lights.
  15. stronz73

    stronz73 Well-Known Member

    very clean look, and i would keep it flat black, no gloss. Its a good idea to bake the headlights and not smoke them, because there is a lot going on in our headlights and it helps it give that agressive pissed off look. very nice bro.
  16. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    ill take distance shots in the morning
  17. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    im starting to consider doing my own retrofit, idk guys help me pick out a style of projectors though
  18. Geaux

    Geaux Well-Known Member

    One of the easier/popular retrofits use TSX projectors..

    *waiting on further away pics*
  19. pimpinfern

    pimpinfern Well-Known Member

    getting pics up as we speak, i dont have a good camera
  20. Automoglow

    Automoglow Well-Known Member

    looks badass nice to see it done...those fuckers wouldnt leave my house that night..why do you and ektor post picture of the LEDs you stole from me :twisted: