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    REDGTS Well-Known Member

    08 GTS(sportmatic) VS 07 Mazda3 145hp 2.0 litre engine 4 doors manual
    i was the loser, VS 08 AWD 4 doors sedan Impreza SOHC 2.5 170hp/170lb ft torque automatic , i was the loser,and the last 02 Celica GT manual, i won a tiny little bit...

    Not complaining or whinning, but i have no more confidence to take my lancer to play with other vehicles, our car is belong to the slowest class i guess

    sporty outlooking but slower than ton of the car on the road, well at that price i know i cant expect much, at least i bought a good looki and fully equipments car

    Im wondering does HKS will produce a low pressure turbo for our 08 Lancers, cuz i know their turbo is trustable and reliable, im not greedy, i just want about 200 HP and 190 lb ft is enough, mi-high pressure = killing the vehicle's life and gasoline

    REDGTS Well-Known Member

    Im a civic/corolla hater, so i must make sure my GTS not cheap a$$ like them

    Waiting for K&N SRI and Greddy axle back, they both add up maybe add 7hp, im not that stupid to throw a thousand on header or cat back to add an extra 10hp only... if mine is turbo car like 09 Ralliart or EVO X, then worth it, but mod a N/A car is always waste of $ unless TYPER/S or S2K...

    any1 have some good game expereince , lets discuss it here

    this thread is not talking about "street racing" just comparing the performance with other kind of vehicles
  3. RedStar

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    call me crazy but I will soon be recieving my Injen Headerback exhaust :p
  4. Lancerlot

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    it's not always the car that makes it 'slow' :roll:
  5. eg6motion

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    agreed... The GTS was rated faster than the Impreza and Mazda 3 2.0 by Car and Driver and Edmunds... and I have beaten an Impreza and Mazda 3 with mine.... You must not have topped off your blinker fluid
  6. SeRious08

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    Are you kidding!!!!! Do the comparising. It wasn't the car that lost the races. It was YOU!!

    148 hp
    135 tq
    2811 curb weight
    7.3 sec 0-60
    15.8 sec 1/4 mile

    173 hp
    166 tq
    3037 curb weight
    7.9 sec 0-60
    16.0 sec 1/4 mile

    152 hp
    146 tq
    3109 curb weight (CVT)
    7.8 sec 0-60
    16.3 sec 1/4 mile with CVT
    15.9 with manuel

    SOOOOO, with that, you should have been able to somewhat hang with the Mazda. He is lighter and with a decent driver, would have possibly beaten you. But, the Impreza you should have hung with the entire way.

    My conclusion: You should have at least hung in for a decent run. I feel that you were the reason you lost.
  7. kennyjai

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  8. JayGTS88

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    s2k ftw :D
  9. lancered

    lancered Well-Known Member

    ive pulled away from a v6 firebird,98 powerstroke,3.1l grandam,and ive even ran my GFs mazda6 v6.it was hard to say but was close.i agree with serious08.
  10. Invincible

    Invincible Well-Known Member

    You race an Auto Against a Manual car and you lose, Especially that the CVT is very sluggish from start..
    now race Auto versions of the cars that beaten you and you'll win..

    my very good friend drives an 06 Mazda 6 2.3 Automatic (166 hp), We had 4 races, 3 races from 0 km/h to about 160 km/h, The Mazda is quicker off the line but then i get away by 2 meters. One race from 20 km/h and i was ahead by about 4 or 5 meters..

    conclusion is, Auto vs Manual = Auto is a loser
  11. lancered

    lancered Well-Known Member

    i forgot to say i have a manual also.
  12. Evolve

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    damn that's sig material!! but i don't wanna piss anyone off. But just pretend i enshrined your quote in my sig :D
  13. Bryn1987

    Bryn1987 Well-Known Member

    sry to say but from what i've read CVT > Manual > Automatic (non-cvt)

    Edit: Let me add that the difference is very minute between CVT and Manual, but CVT wins in the end :-\ sad to say :(
  14. REDGTS

    REDGTS Well-Known Member

    Mazda3 sedan 5MT is 1250kg/2750pounds
    so it is like 160 kg/352 lbs lower weight than GTS

    thats make the difference

    Impreza has 20 horsepower more and 20+lb torque , AWD's accleration is a little bit slower than FF, but it is more steady and 4 powered wheels stick the with the floor, so it has its advantage and disadvantage

    Celica, even more light weight than Maz3, like 80kg/170 pounds lower

    dont tell me i lose cuz it was all about driving skill, i was using -/+ , kept rev at 4k rpm at N shift and drag to 1st gear gear when the play has begun, the tires didnt spin much to lose the friction with the floor
  15. eKtor

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    My girlfriend has a 2.0 automatic mazda 3 and ive ran with it more than 10 times from a stop and i get spanked (CVT)

    i asume this was in the track right? we do not support street racing in any way....

    the 20-30 bux to race in the track is a way lower price you will pay rather than somebody elses life... about your life, i dont care... you chose to be dumb, so pay the price...
  16. Invincible

    Invincible Well-Known Member

    CVT > Manual in theory, and in theory everything is possible.. In real life, Manual > CVT, I drive a CVT too but its nowhere near as fun or fast as a manual.. Its better than the conventional auto but not by much really.. not to mention that with the CVT in the lancer in sports mode, first gear goes up to about 75 km/h = 45 mph and that makes it sluggish from dead stop..
  17. testpilotx15

    testpilotx15 Well-Known Member

    I have a question. The "gear ratios" in the CVT are controlled by the computer right? So in theory you could change the ratios to make 1st faster, yes?
  18. Invincible

    Invincible Well-Known Member

    Thats right, this could be done, but it may not work if mitsubishi has already given the 1st gear the fastest the CVT could handle and in this case we can do nothing about it but live with it :cry:
  19. REDGTS

    REDGTS Well-Known Member

    thx for your advice but im not a 16-17 yrs old new driver or young kid and drive like a nut in busy cityroad, and Please open your eyes and look at my second post i already wrote that, this thread is not about street racing, also my city doesnt have any track, I and a group of people always drive far far away from city and for " vehicle performance testing or comparion" you got it?

    My real life good friend got killed by a drunk driver, i also hate those people who take other's people's life in a risk.

    At the place where i drive really fast and if i still crash something, that object must be an alien, otherwise no one would be that stupid walk on the desserted place during midnight

    If u wanna be a man and tell some sh!t to those street racers, youtube is where you should go for, leave some comments there, there are ton of stupid drivers in the video clips
  20. Bryn1987

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    i'd like to know where u got ur numbers... cuz thsi is what i got...

    Lancer GTS
    8.36 sec 0-60
    16.55 1/4 mile (manual)
    86.70 1/4 mile speed

    *edit* let me add that the rpm at which a car hits its max HP/Torque matters A LOT... usually higher rpm is better ;)