50 state hp?

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  1. Mathieu Bombardier

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    im trying to fix up an 03 es 5 speed that my girlfriends older brother gave to her (she hate to drive/cant drive a 5 speed... so i drive her in it) he beat the day lights out of it (i dont want to change that as it makes it more of a sleeper) i am thinking of evo 8 seats front and back, turbo (if i find a way to do it in cali), and do the bushings and other handling things like that... she is a preschool teacher so it cant be to much to set it up and it cant be to loud... thanks
  2. 1slowlance

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    The seats I don't think you'll have a problem with. A guy that joined recently has an auto turbo'd. I think he said he spent like 3500 on the turbo portion. IMO, it wouldn't be worth it to boost.
  3. Jogenmaru

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    Turbo stuff. Everything from evo 8 except exhaust manifold and wastegate. Keep your stock exhaust.

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  4. Eshort

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    Why would you make a preschool teachers dd into a boosted sleeper

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  5. 1slowlance

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    ^ lol. I think you meant to ask why NOT? Lol.
  6. Eshort

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    Lol I suppose that's true

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