04-06 Ralliart owners!!!

Discussion in 'Ralliart - General Information' started by DirtyRalli, May 19, 2012.

  1. DirtyRalli

    DirtyRalli Active Member

    Theirs not too many of us around.... I think its time to start a pic thread for our cars!!!!
  2. blueking_4

    blueking_4 Well-Known Member

    You should start a progress report and a "new member" thread, That way everyone here can know a little about your background, what car you drive, and what mods you have/plan on having.

    Welcome to LT though. :)
  3. DirtyRalli

    DirtyRalli Active Member

    Yeah will do loll.... Im really liking LT, more friendlier than evom
  4. lancer2quick

    lancer2quick Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that. We're the more laid-back kind of people here...no bashing or BS. Just a lot of friendly ball breaking...
  5. blueking_4

    blueking_4 Well-Known Member

    and excessive trolling :D
  6. DirtyRalli

    DirtyRalli Active Member

    Loll nice glad to be apart of LT!!!
  7. Helix

    Helix Wants Recaros

    Glad to have you, fellow Ralliart.
  8. 04ralliart1980

    04ralliart1980 New Member

    Anyone still around. Every ralliart forum I find hasn't had posts for years
  9. I am new here, and find the same thing with regards to the forums that I am searching to join. Just bought my Lancer on 16th Jan.
  10. NuRali04

    NuRali04 New Member

    I'm new to this forum. Never been on one before. I purchased a 04 Ralliart. My biggest question, is it just me or it's hard as hell to find aftermarket parts. Its evo x this and evo x that. Help me lawd.
  11. 05ralliartlife

    05ralliartlife New Member

    I can help you
  12. NuRali04

    NuRali04 New Member

    You know some good sites