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  1. Jimmwiggy
    RRM headers SE awd model ?
  2. Help Hotel
    Help Hotel
    Help Hotel – Mejor Servicios de Consultoría y Dirección Hotelera en España.
  3. Green Leaf Lawn Services
    Green Leaf Lawn Services
    Lawn Care Solutions for Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel and Lehigh Acres - Green Leaf Lawn Services
  4. Zoom Visual
    Zoom Visual
    Malaysian LED Display Screen Supplier - Zoom Visual Malaysia
  5. Fabrizio De Maria
    Fabrizio De Maria
    Blog su politica, protezione dell'ambiente e diritti degli animali | Fabrizio De Maria
  6. Taka
    New to the forums, looking for tech info.
  7. Stephen Mulhall
    Stephen Mulhall
    Irish Mitsubishi owner looking for some info
  8. francois
    I'm ready for some power in my 2015 lancer. What's the best route?
  9. Amber Ross
    Amber Ross
    IM new to this whole lancer thing but I need MEGA INFO on upgrades to performance to gain more EVERYTHING.
  10. Jarhead
    Just bought my first Mitsu, love the Lancer so far
  11. Rich E.
    Rich E.
    Anyone need lowering struts for 2007-2016 Lancer? They lowered my car more than I wanted, so will sell cheap. Only one was installed.
    1. Darlene
      How much do you want for them?
      Feb 19, 2017
  12. Tian'ika
    Is anyone selling any stock '14 EVO parts? I.E. Rims and seats?
  13. Tian'ika
    What mod should I start with for my 14 Lancer ES? I have the CVT and I don't want to change that yet
    1. Dogg1972
  14. Ralliart208
    I'm looking for performance upgrades for my 2010 ralliart sport back and some dope headlights
  15. Spiralham420glazeit
    I'm wanting to swap my 02 oz transmission with the auto/manual transmission out of a 06 gallant is this possible with little modification
  16. Moose
    Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum. I'm wondering if my 2013 lancer ES is prewired for fog lights
  17. Joshua xavier Webb
    Joshua xavier Webb
    So i just got this lancer and i didnt know what i was getting myself into im a v8 type of person its a 2.0 se 03 and it needs a lot of work
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  18. blueking_4
    blueking_4 nicolexann
    You are very welcome!
  19. nicolexann
    nicolexann evilstig4b1
    heya.. notta lotta, how about you?
  20. nicolexann
    nicolexann blueking_4
    awe, I just saw this- thank you!